New Delhi: Slamming the opposition hard for its criticism over CAA, PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha referred to Nehru’s letter to Assam CM Gopinath Bordoloi where Nehru urged the CM to accommodate migrants from East Pakistan, making a clear distinction between Hindu refugees and Muslim migrants. Coming down heavily on the Congress, the PM referred to Congress’s inaction of 70 years, Article 370, Pandit Nehru, Kartarpur Corridor etc.

Those whose legs are weak walk on the beaten track, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi, beginning his speech in the Lok Sabha, slamming the Opposition for dragging its feet on issues like Article 370, Triple Talaq. “People are asking why the government is in a hurry to finish all the tasks. I will answer them. Had we taken the Congress way, we wouldn’t have had Kartarpur corridor,” the PM said.

We Are Not Congress

“If we worked as per the old ways then Ram Janmabhoomi issue would have remained unresolved. Kartarpur Sahib corridor would not be made. There would be no India-Bangladesh land agreement,” he said. “Citizens of India have not only changed the Sarkar. They want the ‘Sarokar’ to be changed as well. If we had worked according to old ways and thoughts, then Article 370 would never have been abrogated. Muslim women would have kept suffering due to Triple Talaq,” the PM added.


Saying that India can no longer wait for problems to remain unsolved even after so many years of Independence, the PM said, “India shouldn’t wait as well. That is why our target is: speed and scale, determination and decisiveness, sensitivity and solution.” “It is due to the speed of this Government that in the last five years 37 crore people got bank accounts, 11 crore people got toilets in their homes, 13 crore people got gas connections, 2 crore people got their own homes,” the PM said.


“Let us talk about the Northeast. For years, distance became a reason to ignore this region. Things have changed now. The Northeast is becoming a growth engine. Great work has been done in so many sectors. Ministers and officials are regularly visiting the region,” the PM added.

Bodo Pact

Whatever was done earlier was for meeting political ends, remained confined to papers, PM Modi said.  Agriculture budget, which was earlier Rs 27,000 cr, has now been increased by five times to about Rs 1.5 lakh crore, he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking in the Lok Sabha over the ongoing discussion on Motion of Thanks to the President’s address. The PMO office in a tweet said: “Around 12 noon today in the Lok Sabha, Modi will reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address.” President Ram Nath Kovind had addressed a joint sitting of both the Houses of the Parliament, Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, on January 31, ahead of the start of the Budget session.Both the houses are holding a discussion on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address’. “President has highlighted the vision for a New India. His address comes at a time when we enter the third decade of the century. President’s address instils a spirit of hope and presents a roadmap for taking the country ahead in future,” the PM said.