New Delhi: A wild, rogue elephant that was captured by the forest department officials in Assam five days ago died in captivity. What is interesting is that the wild animal has an intriguing name and history.

The elephant was named after terrorist and late al-qaeda leader Osama bin Laden as he was reportedly responsible for many deaths and massive destruction in Sonitpur district. In 2016, it was believed that Osama was shot, but a wrong elephant was shot.

On October 29, Laden, who was also known as Krishna, reportedly killed five people. After it was captured, it was given the new moniker after the name of Hindu God Krishna. On November 11, it was tranquilised.

“The animal was doing fine but the keepers have reported that it died around 5.30 a.m. today (Sunday),” said a senior official of the Orang national park.

The 35-year old bull (male) elephant was captured, after tranquilizing, from Rongjuli forest division in Western Assam’s Goalpara district on November 11. Forest department shifted the rogue to Orang national park on November 12.

“It was a healthy wild elephant and the government took credit for the operation to tranquilise the elephant. Now that the elephant is dead in captivity, the government must make it clear how the elephant died,” wildlife activist and member of the steering committee of Central government on Project Elephant, Soumyadeep Datta told IANS on Sunday.

Animal rights activists were concerned that Laden was too old to be captured.