Jerusalem: At least 13 people in Israel have suffered mild facial paralysis as a side-effect post Coronavirus vaccination, WION reported. The Health Ministry said that the actual number of people suffering from such side effects could be higher than reported.Also Read - Price of Corbevax Covid-19 Vaccine Slashed to Rs 250 Per Dose. Deets Inside

Experts are now apprehensive of giving the second dose of the shot to these people, even though the health ministry has insisted on giving the jab once the paralysis heals. Also Read - 28 Students Test COVID Positive At IIM Calcutta Campus, 58 Others Kept In Home Isolation

“For at least 28 hours I walked around with it (facial paralysis),” one person told Ynet. “I can’t say it was completely gone afterwards, but other than that I had no other pains, except a minor pain where the injection was but there was nothing beyond that.” Also Read - This Country Could Witness 16 Lakh COVID Deaths If Restrictions Are Lifted: Study

Israel began its Covid-19 vaccination drive on December 20, 2020. About 72 per cent of those aged 60 and over have already been vaccinated.

In an similar incident which was reported last month, four volunteers who were given Pfizer vaccine shots during the trial stage had developed Bell’s Palsy in the UK. Notably, Bell’s palsy is a medical condition that causes one half of the face to droop. This led to Britain’s medicines regulator issuing a warning for people with “significant” history of allergic reactions to medicines, food or vaccines to not have the Pfizer/BioNTech jabs.

Recently, 23 elderly people died in Norway shortly after receiving the Pfizer’s mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine. The country launched a mass vaccination campaign at the end of December 2019, with the very oldest citizens and residents of nursing homes being offered vaccination first, including those over the age of 85.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency on its website said that 13 of the 23 people who died had shown common side effects of mRNA vaccines such as diarrhea, nausea and fever.