Herat: At least 14 Afghan soldiers were killed in an attack on the army camp by Taliban militants in the country’s Herat province overnight, stated officials on Friday. “Hundreds of Taliban militants attacked and overran an Army camp in Cheshma area of Shindand district, killing 14 Army soldiers,” an official told Xinhua news agency.

The official added that 20 Army personnel were captured by the militants who also confiscated their arms and ammunition and took them to an unknown location after the attack. The exact number of the militants who suffered casualties is unknown.

The district has been the scene of heavy clashes as Taliban militants attacked security checkpoints and Army camps from time to time. For instance, eight militants including a Taliban key commander were killed in the northern Faryab province by Afghan security officials on Wednesday, stated officials. In the firing, 10 militants and two security personnel were injured.

On December 2, a top Taliban leader was allegedly killed in a US airstrike in Afghanistan. Abdul Manan was the Taliban “shadow governor” for Helmand province in the south, a key territory for the group, which also gave him control over a large part of the group’s finances, reported Efe news. Manan’s death was considered as the greatest loss for the Taliban since 2016 when the group’s leader, Akhtar Mansour, was killed in a US drone strike in western Pakistan.

Last month, at least six people were killed in the deadly Taliban attack that hit Afghanistan’s Kabul. The attack took place in the offices of a Britain-based security company in Afghanistan’s capital city.

Early on June, 17 Afghan soldiers were killed after Taliban stormed an Army checkpoint in Shindand.

The Afghan security forces’ casualties have risen recently as they struggle against a surge in attacks by the Taliban militant group and other anti-government fighters.

(With Agency inputs)