Washington: Thousands of pro-Trump rioters on Wednesday stormed into the US Capitol building and tried to lay siege to it, leading to the death of at least four people, including a woman who was killed in firing during the violence. The riot took place at a time when the US Congress was set to convene to certify Joe Biden as the next US President.Also Read - What is Roe v. Wade And Why The New Abortion Verdict Puts US On Edge? Explained

Following the violence, Twitter and Facebook Inc temporarily locked the accounts of US President Donald Trump, as tech giants scrambled to crack down on his baseless claims about the US presidential elections amid the riots. Also Read - Capitol Riot: Trump's Ex Top Advisers Say They Didn't Believe His Lies About 2020 Election, He Knew He Lost To Biden

Meanwhile, the House voted overwhelmingly to reject an objection to President-elect Joe Biden’s win in Arizona, joining the Senate in upholding the results of the election there. Also Read - Brian Kemp Wins Georgia GOP Governor’s Race

Here are the developments so far:

1. Four people died as Trump supporters occupied the US Capitol in Washington DC. One woman was shot by the U.S. Capitol police as a mob tried to break through a barricaded door, and three died in medical emergencies.

2. Mayor of Washington DC on Wednesday extended the public emergency for 15 days.

3. Four former US presidents – Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter – have condemned the actions of pro-Trump rioters and underlined the need for a peaceful transfer of power.

4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed distress over the incident and said that “orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue” in place of riots.

5. Several members of the White House, including Stephanie Grisham, Chief of Staff for US First Lady Melania Trump, resigned following the attack. Many Republicans and Cabinet officials have even demanded the impeachment of President Trump.

6. Meanwhile, the police arrested more than 52 protestors so far for violating the curfew imposed in Washington DC.

7. During the riot, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was damaged by Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol. Reports said that rioters shattered a big mirror in her office.

8. The incident happened shortly after the Democrats won both Georgia Senate seats with challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, confirming the party’s control over the US Senate.

9. While he initially encouraged his supporters to head to the Capitol, Trump urged them to abide by the law and go back home after the violent clash.

10. It must be noted that Trump has still refused to concede the elections. He continues to allege that there was a massive fraud and electoral malpractice.