New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his recent Davos visit did not cost a penny to the exchequer as his businessmen friends Ikram Sehgal and Imran Chaudhry sponsored his trip. Addressing the ‘Breakfast at Davos’, an event jointly organised by Pathfinder Group and Martin Dow Group on Thursday, the prime minister said his Davos trip cost 10 times less than those of the previous leaders, the Dawn reported.

“Otherwise, I would not have burdened my government to pay a sum of $450,000 for two nights,” the PM said.

The Pakistani newspaper commented that it is probably the first time that a PM’s official travel has been covered by a businessman.

“Whenever they say they want to go somewhere, I immediately cancel the trip until they convince me that it will be productive for the country. I don’t allow them to go anywhere,” Imran Khan was quoted saying.

Membership of the WEF costs about $60,000 to $600,000, plus an additional fee needed to acquire an attendance badge, which runs about $27,000 per person to get into the conference.