New Delhi, Dec 14: A group of scientists recently discovered a shark and has estimated it to be over 500 years. But latest updates claimed the shark tested was 392 year old contradictory to earlier claims of it being 512 year old. According to reports, the Greenland shark was found living in the arctic and could very well be the oldest living vertebrate in the world.Also Read - Viral Video: Horrifying Moment Shows Shark Biting Man's Hand, Watch How He Reacted

The researchers measured the creature and estimated that it could have been born as early as 1505. It is known to live in temperatures of -1° Celsius and 10° Celsius. A report by, said that the shark can swim as deep as 7,200 feet and weighs more than a tonne. Also Read - Shark Swallows Man's Camera, Footage Captures Fascinating Glimpse Into Creature's Mouth | Watch

According to the report, the found shark measured at 18 feet in length. It is this length which reportedly can mean the shark can be anywhere between 272 to 512 years old, as this species grows at a rate of 1 cm in a year. Also Read - Oops! Malta Demands Return of Giant Shark Tooth That David Attenborough Gifted Prince George

A report by The Sun said it was the oldest of 28 Greenland sharks to be analysed. These sharks have an estimated lifespan of 400 years and they spend their time swimming around looking for mates, report claimed.