New Delhi: At least seven people died and over nine were injured on Wednesday after a World War II-era bomber crashed while attempting to take off at Bradley International Airport in the US State of Connecticut.

The Boeing B-17 aircraft crashed at 9:54 AM local time, shortly after it reported technical difficulties and turned around to the airport trying to land, reports stated.

The aircraft which was deployed by the US Air Force against Germany and Japan was carrying a total of 10 passengers and 3 crew members. Initial reports had claimed several burn victims but the number of fatalities was hard to tell.

Connecticut State Police Commissioner James Rovella, at an evening news conference joined by National Transportation Safety Board officials, said that another six injured were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. One person on the ground was injured.

The authorities have not been able to ascertain the cause of the accident yet, but the pilots had sought permission to land urgently after developing an engine problem. The airport was shut for hours following the crash, before reopening it later in the day.