New Delhi: At least 26 people have been killed while over 42 were wounded in a blast after a suicide bomber on a motorcycle targetted President Ashraf Ghani’s election campaign rally in Parwan district Parwan province in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

Hours after reports of the blast surfaced the internet, Taliban claimed responsibility. The terror front also claimed responsibility of the previous attack near the US Embassy in Kabul.

Spokesperson for the provincial governor in Parwan, Wahida Shahkar, assured that President Ghani who was present during the blast was safely evacuated. However, many women and children have been affected and the victims are mostly civilians. The election campaign that was scheduled for September 28 has already been delayed twice.

Afghanistan has been hit by several militant attacks over the past few months as the presidential elections are nearing. The Taliban has been fighting the government for many years and has now threatened to disrupt all its efforts.

More details awaited.