Kabul: At least seven Afghan civilians were killed due to chaos around Kabul’s international airport as people gathered to flee the Taliban’s takeover of the country, the British military said on Sunday. UK Defence Ministry said that “conditions on the ground are extremely challenging but we are doing everything we can to manage the situation as safely and securely as possible,” Sputnik reported citing UK media.Also Read - Video of Infant Being Kissed by Girl Surfaces After 168 Evacuees From Afghanistan Arrive in India | WATCH

The development came a day after the US embassy in Afghanistan warned its nationals in Kabul to avoid travelling to Hamid Karzai International Airport, citing potential security threats outside the airport’s gates.

US fears IS attack at Kabul airport

As reported by BBC, the US has warned its citizens to avoid the Kabul airport amid concerns about the potential for attacks by Afghanistan’s branch of the Islamic State (IS) terror group. A security alert to this effect was issued on Saturday.

Only those individually told to make the journey by a US government representative should do so, it said.

US defence officials said they were monitoring developments and looking at alternative routes.

No further details were given about the potential threat of an IS attack, and the group has not publicly threatened to carry out attacks in Kabul.

Afghanistan Crisis

Afghanistan is witnessing its worst-ever crisis in decades as the Taliban’s control has forced people to flee the nation fearing their atrocities.

Terrorists on the streets of Kabul are reportedly preventing people from entering the airport using force. The situation continues to deteriorate at the airport and around its perimeter, which is under Taliban control.