The fateful night of Sunday, where dozens of people were killed at the Pulse club in  Orlando has left many in shock. The event has become a discussion more about politics, gun control and sexual orientation of those who died. LGBT community supporters are left mourning and it seems just by United States government legalizing gay marriages, the fight for equality and to quest to make love with peace is still not over.Also Read - Snickers Removes a Very Problematic Homophobic Tweet Advert, Issues a Public Apology After Criticism

Social media has been supporting and sharing prayers and messages for the victims. Earlier on twitter some gay – hate comments were also received, where many applauded for shooter Omar Marteen for killing gays that night. In support of homo sexuality and Pulse Club incident, #twomenkissing started to trend. The trend received over 3 thousand tweets on Monday and also went ahead to trend on Facebook where more than 1000 people were engaged in the discussion. (ALSO READ: Homophobic tweets in aftermath of Orlando shootings: Here are the anti-gay voices which supported Omar Mateen) Also Read - Suspended England All-Rounder Ben Stokes Hailed as 'Hero' by Gay Duo

NyeDav, a twitter user posted that he and his partner NyeMads are no longer boyfriends, but they are now husbands.
#TwoMenKissing is something beautiful because love is beautiful! #LoveisLove said NyeDav posting pictures of two men kissing out of love. Also Read - Straight Men Kiss Gay Guys: This Video Proves Boy Kissing a Boy Does Not Make Them Homosexual

The intention behind posting these pictures on social media was not only about breaking the internet but also in criticism to Omar’s father comment that how his son got angry on seeing two men kissing, so he decided to use arms to shoot gays at the club. The sight of two men kissing is warm and normal like any other couple kissing, is the message intended to send across. (ALSO READ: Kim Kardashian, Beyonce pay tribute to Orlando shooting victims)

Indeed a peaceful, pleasant and romantic social media movement of 2016 – #twomenkissing