New Delhi: An Air India pilot was deplaned by US law enforcement allegedly for accessing and downloading child pornography, the national carrier said on Sunday. The incident took place when the flight landed in the US, with the pilot being handcuffed in front of the passengers.

“The US authorities seized his passport, cancelled his visa and deported him back to India,” the Air India officials said. “When the Delhi-San Francisco plane landed in the US on Monday, the pilot was handcuffed in front of the passengers and deplaned,” they said.

“The pilot was under the scanner of US law enforcement authorities such as the FBI for accessing and downloading child pornography,” the officials added.

The incident took place at San Francisco on Monday and the pilot was deplaned by the authorities soon after his plane landed from New Delhi, they added.

The spokesperson of Air India has not responded on the matter yet.

In the United States, images of child pornography are not protected under First Amendment rights and are illegal contraband under federal law. Section 2256 of Title 18, United States Code, defines child pornography as any “visual depiction” of sexually explicit conduct involving a “minor”, who is someone under 18 years of age.