New Delhi: Al-Qaeda leadership has accused Pakistan’s security forces of detaining the wife of its chief Ayman al-Zawahiri along with two other families of their ‘martyrs’ for nearly a year.

The insurgent group released a statement alleging that “treacherous Pakistani forces” had “captured” Chief Zawahiri’s wife while they were leaving Waziristan, former Taliban stronghold adjacent ot Afghanistan, about a year ago due to continuous airstrikes.

“We … hold Pakistan’s government and its treacherous army and their American masters responsible for their criminal acts,” read the statement, as reported by news agency Associated Press.

Pakistan has not given any immediate response to their statement.

Zawahiri, who hails from Egypt, took command as the leader of al-Qaeda following the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan by United States Navy SEALS. He is believed to be hiding somewhere in the region.

Notably, the terror front ha been trying to make a comeback in Afghanistan under a resurgent Taliban, strengthening their alliance in their ‘jihad’. The Al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership have repeatedly stressed the importance of their nature of alliance as “military and religious instructors” for their jihadist motive, a UN report stated.