A rogue planet typically named Nibiru or Death Planet or Planet X would collide with the Earth on April 23 and cause the apocalypse, David Meade has made this prediction based on Biblical prophecy, numerology and pseudoscience. Meade is the same person who previously claimed that a rare alignment of stars on September 23, 2017. He has now predicted that Nibiru or Death Planet or Planet X will appear in the sky on April 23 before passing us in October and cause all kinds of havoc upon the Earth to kick off an apocalypse.Also Read - Mysteriously Large Meteor Blazes Through Night Sky in Norway, May Have Hit Earth Near Oslo | Watch

In an interview, David Meade pegged April 23, 2018, as the new apocalypse start date. According to him, on that date, the sun, moon and Jupiter will align in the constellation of Virgo, echoing Revelation 12:1-2, which refers to a “woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head” laboring to give birth to an eventual global dictator with a role to play in the end of the world. Interestingly, the Earth Day falls on April 22. Also Read - Asteroid 3 Times The Size of Taj Mahal to Pass Close to Earth on July 25, Is It Dangerous?

Meade says Nibiru or Death Planet or Planet X will appear on April 23 and this will trigger the Rapture because the planet’s massive gravitational forces will cause volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and natural disasters. Well, the end is not near, indeed. Meade has never been consistent with his predictions. The International Business Times reported in February that he was calling March 2018 as the trigger date for the apocalypse. Also Read - Tens of Thousands Sign Petition to Stop Jeff Bezos From Returning to Earth After Space Trip

Moreover, Jupiter is not actually aligned within the constellation of Virgo on April 23; rather, it will appear from Earth to be within the constellation Libra, said a Live Science report. Besides, the existence of Nibiru or Death Planet or Planet X has been repeatedly debunked. The Planet X theory first emerged in 1995 and is usually evidenced by interpretations of religious texts. Conspiracy theories say NASA is hiding a rogue plant which is hurtling towards the Earth. But these are just mere conspiracy theories and have no substantial proofs.