News Delhi: Days after warning that he will move out his Fremont car factory in California to Nevada or Texas if not allowed to open it, Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday announced that the factory was restarting production against lockdown rules and was ready to be arrested for it. Also Read - Mystery Decoded! Elon Musk Finally Explains How to Pronounce His Son’s Name 'X Æ A-12'

“Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules. I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me,” the South African-born entrepreneur tweeted. Also Read - 'This is The Final Straw': Elon Musk Slams Restrictions Amid COVID-19, Threatens to Move Tesla Plant Out of California

Just moments later, the 48-year-old confirmed to a follower that while the state authorities had allowed reopening of  the plant, the order was ‘blocked’ by local officials, adding that ‘only Tesla has been singled out.”

“Yes, California approved, but an unelected county official illegally overrode. Also, all other auto companies in the US are approved to resume. Only Tesla has been singled out. This is super messed up!” Musk said in the following tweet.

Notably, Musk has been a vocal critic of the COVID-19 lockdown from the very beginning and, at one point, he even called panic over the coronavirus pandemic ‘dumb,’ adding that ‘forcibly imprisoning people in their homes against all their constitutional alliance is horrible and wrong.’

The Tesla California plant was shut on March 23 under a six-county order in the San Francisco area, which has now been extended through May 31.

On a related note, the COVID-19 death toll in the US, in the last 24 hours, crossed the 80,000-mark, a tally by the Baltimore-based John Hopins University said.

The US’ overall COVID-19 count stands at nearly 1.4 million, making it the worst-affected country by novel coronavirus.