New Delhi: Amid conflicting reports about North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s health, China has reportedly dispatched a medical team to North Korea. Meanwhile, a Beijing-backed satellite TV channel’s vice director, who is also a niece of a Chine foreign minister, has claimed that Kim Jong Un is dead. Also Read - US Charges North Koreans With Laundering at Least $2.5 Billion to Fund Nuclear Weapons Program

According to reports, Vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television told her 15 million followers on Weibo that her Kim Jong Un death claim was backed by a “very solid source.” Also Read - Kim Jong Un Makes Another Public Appearance, Vows to Bolster Nuclear War Deterrence

There has been no independent verification of the claim. Also Read - Chinese City Bordering North Korea Imposes Martial Law After Spike in COVID-19 Cases

What has happened to Kim Jong Un?

April 15 is the birth anniversary of Kim Il-Sung, the founder and Eternal President of North Korea. It’s a special occasion for North Korea. But Kim Jong-Un was missing from the occasion, which led to speculations. It was then reported that 36-year-old Kim underwent a major surgery and was recovering from that.

What is US saying?

US President Donald Trump has dismissed the reports of Kim’s ill health as fake news.

Not the First Time

This is, however, not the first time that Kim has surprisingly vanished. In 2014, as Reuters reported, Kim disappeared for more than a month and then returned with a limp. Reports have suggested that he has been suffering from health issues caused by heavy smoking, obesity and cardiovascular problems.