Hague: The Dutch government has offered lawyer of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi temporary asylum in the Netherlands, as per reports. Asia Bibi was acquitted last month by the Pakistan Supreme Court in a blasphemy case.

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok also tweeted that the European country has offered Saif-ul-Mulook ‘a place in the Shelter City program in the Netherlands for human rights defenders at risk’.

Blok further said that the situation of Asia Bibi has their full attention.

Lawyer Saiful Mulook, who defended Asia Bibi in a blasphemy case that led to the assassination of two Pakistani politicians, said local United Nations staff had urged him to leave the country on Saturday following her acquittal last week.

“I was put on a plane against my wishes, “Mulook told reporters in The Hague. “I am not happy to be without her. I would have been much happier if I was in the same place as her. But everybody said I was a prime target.”

Mulook said he did not know whether Bibi had already been released from prison, or where she would want to seek asylum after being acquitted by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Asia Bibi was accused of blasphemy and was commuted a death sentence by a Pakistani court. On October 31, the Pakistan Supreme Court acquitted her of the charge. Asia, a Roman Catholic and a mother of four, has been offered asylum by France and Spain.

In 2009, Bibi drank water from the same container as other Muslim women from her neighborhood, the women became angry and demanded that she convert. Bibi refused to do so, after which a mob had accused her of blasphemy. She was tried in a court and sentenced to death. She was the first woman to be sentenced to death under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.