New Delhi: At least seven people were killed and seven others were injured by a knife-wielding attacker in China’s northeast Liaoning province. The police have arrested a suspect, however, the motive behind the killing remains unclear, said reports. Also Read - Ladakh Standoff: India-China Hold 9th Round of Talks of Military Talks | What to Expect

Among the injured in the incident in Kaiyuan city, there was also a police officer who helped in the arrest of the suspect. Officials have confirmed the death of seven people in the attack. The injured have been taken to hospital, but their condition was not immediately known. Also Read - China Warms Up To Joe Biden, Asks Him To Bring Bilateral Ties Back on Right Track

According to a BBC report, the suspect began attacking random people after 08:00 local time, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) newspaper reported. An eyewitness told the SCMP that the attack started outside a school and most victims appeared to be middle-aged or elderly women. “It’s lucky that school is off today. Otherwise there could have been more victims,” said the eyewitness, a woman with the surname Liu. Also Read - China Sanctions Trump Officials, Including Mike Pompeo, Hours After Biden Takes Over as President

Violent crimes are rare in China as compared to many other countries, but there has been a series of knife and axe attacks in recent years. Knife attacks by disgruntled people have been reported from different parts of the country in the past few years. The attackers generally target kindergarten or primary schools or general public to vent their anger.