Canberra: Thousands of people from Australia fled from their homes following a devastating flood that hit the northeast regions including Queensland. The floods brought snakes and crocodiles onto the streets and disrupted electricity supply in the region.

Meanwhile, the weather department officials on Monday forecast heavy rainfall accompanied by tornadoes for the next few days.  The Bureau of Meteorology in Queensland tweeted on Monday: “Rain has mostly eased today, but heavy falls and flash flooding remain possible from Ingham to Mackay (150-200mm in 6h) and inland to Cloncurry and Winton (70-120mm). This incredible event is far from over.”

Due to the intense rain on Sunday, authorities were forced to open the floodgates on the Ross River Dam. They released around 1,900 cubic metre of water per second downriver to ease the pressure. However, this caused flooding which worsened on Saturday. Therefore police in parts of Queensland were going door-to-door to warn residents to leave their homes.

“Dangerous and high-velocity flows will occur in the Ross River Sunday night into Monday. Unprecedented areas of flooding will occur in Townsville. Expect access routes to be cut,” the Queensland Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement.

Hundreds of homes in Townsville were already inundated, stated local media reports.Meanwhile, a three-meter crocodile was spotted by the emergency services on a road in the city on Sunday night. Some of the residents also posted pictures of the reptiles on their social media accounts.

(With Agency inputs)