Baghdad, Feb 16: At least 48 were killed and nearly 60 injured in a deadly terror attack in Baghdad on Thursday. A car packed with explosives exploded in a Bayaa neighbourhood, a busy dealership region in southern part of the Iraqi capital. Victims have been rushed to nearby hospital. The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility of the terror attack.

The number of casualties are expected to further rise. Amaq news agency, the propaganda arm of ISIS, broke the news of blast, attributing its ‘success’ to itself. The attack was carried out to avenge the series of reverses caused due to the aggressive military policy of Iraq. Over the past several months, the Iraqi forces have pushed ISIS from most of its stronghold, including the city of Mosul. The terror group has been restricted to Raqqa and surrounding regions, falling in both Iraq and Syria.

This marks the second terror attack carried out by ISIS in Baghdad this week. In another car explosion on Wednesday, 11 people lost their lives.

The terror attack in Baghdad today was reported nearly an hour after the Khorasan (North-West Frontier) faction of ISIS carried out a terror attack in Pakistan’s Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine. More than 100 people lost their lives in the dastardly attack. The terrorists reportedly targeted the women’s sitting area in the shrine complex.