United Nations, Jun 10 : UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support for early implementation of the Paris climate agreement during his just-concluded US visit. Ban said a record-number of UN member states had signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in April and now the countries need to bring the agreement into force this year. Also Read - Wear Masks, Maintain Social Distancing: Modi in Message to Bengal For Durga Puja Festivities | Highlights

“I welcome the announcement two days ago by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India that he will join this effort,” Ban told reporters here yesterday. Ban said that to help advance the process, he will convene an event during the September high-level week of the General Assembly for countries to deposit their instruments of ratification. (ALSO READ: Argentine Foreign Minister shakes up race to succeed Ban Ki-Moon) Also Read - Give Concrete Solutions, Not Plain Speeches: Congress Slams PM Modi Over His Address to Nation

In a joint statement, Modi and US President Barack Obama said that both India and the US recognised the urgency of climate change and share the goal of enabling entry into force of the Paris agreement as early as possible. Following the announcement, Ban had encouraged all countries to accelerate their domestic processes to join or ratify it. Also Read - Anticipating Backlash, BJP Turns Off 'Dislike' Button on YouTube Channel Amid PM Modi's Address to The Nation