Dhaka: Bangladesh security officials on Sunday foiled a hijacking attempt of a Dubai-bound plane by a lone suspect. The flight made an emergency landing at a coastal city in the country following the incident.

The security forces stormed the plane and shot dead a 25-year-old man for attempting to hijack flight BG147 which had taken off from the capital Dhaka, reported AFP.

The plane landed safely at Chittagong airport in southeastern Bangladesh, where all the 142 passengers were evacuated.

Eyewitnesses said minutes after the craft flew from the Chattogram airport, it returned and made an emergency landing and opened the emergency exit through which the passengers disembarked immediately. The captain and the first officer of the flight also came out later.

Though the identity of the hijacker is yet to be known, according to unconfirmed reports the hijacker was a foreign national and was equipped with a handgun.

Earlier, AFP quoted country’s civil aviation chief Nayeem Hasan saying that the suspect had claimed to have a bomb. “From the talks and dialogue we have with him, it seems he is psychologically deranged,” Hasan said.