Washington, August 4: The former President of USA-Barack Obama turned 56 years old on Friday. His wife Michelle took to Twitter to express love and inform the world that he turned a year older today. “Another year older, but the same phenomenal guy I married nearly 25 years ago. Happy birthday, — we love you so much,” wrote Michelle.

First, the former first lady of USA shared some throwback family pictures on Instagram in which Barack is seen blowing off the candle on his 43rd birthday cake.  Michelle sent out an email to the followers of Obama.org in which she asked all to honour Barack on his birthday. ” Barack, in his last day of presidency, wrote a letter to the citizens of America. He, in the closing, wrote: I have seen the decency of American people, the determination, good humour and kindness. I have seen the future unfolding in your daily acts of citizenship,” Michelle penned in the email. Also Read: Barack and Michelle Obama Respond to Texas Woman’s Wedding Invite With a Sweet Message

In the email, she informed that she wanted to do something different. ” This year I want to do something different, don’t have a card for you to sign. I want you all to share with Barack how things are shaping up to be a better citizen of the country. Please share your daily acts of citizenship with Barack and this would be the best birthday gift for him,” the email further read.

My husband is all about daily acts of citizenship, said Michelle in the concluding statement besides reminding that Obama Foundation also rests upon ‘Daily Acts of Citizenship’.