Washington, Apr 28 : Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump today slammed US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, alleging it is a “complete disaster” and has “weakened” the country. “Our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. No vision, no purpose, no direction, no strategy,” Trump said in his first major foreign policy speech here after he declared himself as a “presumptive nominee” when he won primaries in all the five States. He alleged that Obama has weakened US military by weakening its economy. “He has crippled us with wasteful spending, massive debt, low growth, a huge trade deficit and open borders. Also Read - Joe Biden Administration 'Undecided' On Ending Trump-Era H-1B Visa Ban

Our manufacturing trade deficit with the world is now approaching USD 1 trillion a year. We are rebuilding other countries while weakening our own,” he said. The real-estate tycoon said “the legacy of the Obama-Clinton interventions will be weakness, confusion, and disarray.” “We have made the Middle East more unstable and chaotic than ever before. We left Christians subject to intense persecution and even genocide. (ALSO READ: Halting radical Islam must be major foreign policy goal: Donald Trump ) Also Read - This 10-Second Video Clip Has Been Sold For a Whopping Rs 48.4 Crore, What's Special About It?

Our actions in Iraq, Libya and Syria have helped unleash ISIS. And we are in a war against radical Islam, but President Obama wont even name the enemy,” he said. Attacking his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton, Trump said, “She also refuses to say the words ‘radical Islam’, even as she pushes for a massive increase in refugees.” “After Secretary Clinton’s failed intervention in Libya, Islamic terrorists in Benghazi took down our consulate and killed our ambassador and three brave Americans. Also Read - Joe Biden Revokes Donald Trump's Visa Ban On Many Green Card Applicants, Says US Businesses Harmed

Then, instead of taking charge that night, Hillary Clinton decided to go home and sleep! Incredible,” he alleged. “Clinton blames it all on a video, an excuse that was a total lie. Our Ambassador was murdered and our Secretary of State misled the nation ? and by the way, she was not awake to take that call at 3 o’clock in the morning. And now ISIS is making millions of dollars a week selling Libyan oil,” he alleged. Trump said that because of Obama’s foreign policies, “rivals no longer respect the US”. “In fact, they are just as confused as our allies, but an even bigger problem is that they don’t take us seriously any more.

When President Obama landed in Cuba on Air Force One, no leader was there to meet or greet him ? perhaps an incident without precedent in the long and prestigious history of Air Force One,” he said. “Then, amazingly, the same thing happened in Saudi Arabia — it’s called no respect. Do you remember when the President made a long and expensive trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to get the Olympics for our country, and, after this unprecedented effort, it was announced that the United States came in fourth place,” he said “He should have known the result before making such an embarrassing commitment. The list of humiliations goes on and on.

President Obama watches helplessly as North Korea increases its aggression and expands even further with its nuclear reach,” he said. He alleged that Obama has allowed China to continue its “economic assault” on American jobs and wealth, refusing to enforce trade rules ? or apply the leverage on China necessary to rein in North Korea. “He has even allowed China to steal government secrets with cyber attacks and engage in industrial espionage against the United States and its companies. We have let our rivals and challengers think they can get away with anything. If President Obama’s goal had been to weaken America, he could not have done a better job,” Trump alleged.