Washington, October 25: Diplomatic efforts between the United States and North Korea is about to fail which has already alarmed the U.S. government and the White House. Also Read - NASA Lends 3.9-Billion-Year-Old Moon Rock For Display in Oval Office of The White House

A top US diplomat, Joseph Yun, had warned the breakdown in meetings on Capitol Hill and seek help to persuade the administration to prioritise diplomacy over the heated rhetoric that appears to be pushing both the side towards nuclear conflict, NBC reported. Also Read - President Biden Gets Rid of Trump's Diet Coke Button From White House Desk, Twitter is Thoroughly Amused

The comments from Yun and Congressional officials came a few days before US President Donald Trump prepares for his first official trip to Asia as tensions between the two nations are near an all-time high. Also Read - Biden Says Trump Wrote a 'Very Generous' Letter Before Departing White House

Officials believe that the lack of diplomacy increases the risk of military action in the region.

Some diplomats believe that in last few weeks some of the alarmist comments have been made by the Republican and Democratic Senators in recent weeks. Senator Bob Corker said that President Trump has been undercutting diplomatic efforts.

Experts believe that Trump would order a pre-emptive strike, a lack of communication between the two countries or through China increases the chances of miscommunication. This may lead to a further escalation.

A US official reportedly said that the diplomatic efforts made by Yun are on their “last legs”, adding that Yun is frustrated by an inability to communicate the urgency of the diplomatic situation at the White House.

A Congressional aide who has spoken to Yun said that the diplomat is looking to restart an attempt by dispatching Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Asia.

In last few weeks, Trump’s war of words with the North Korean leader has escalated in recent months. Trump also warned that Kim will be met with “fire and fury” and in a recent speech at the United Nations, he named him “Little Rocket Man.”

Trump will depart on November 3 and will visit with US allies in Japan and South Korea who are worried about escalating tensions in the region.