Kabul: Around 150 people, reported to be Indians, were picked up by Taliban fighters from outsides the gates of Kabul airport on Saturday. Shortly after, local media outlets reported that these people had been kidnapped by the Taliban. However, a government source confirmed to a news channel that all the people were out of danger. Further, back-channel talks were on for the safe release of all Indian citizens, NDTV quoted the source as saying.Also Read - Resistance Forces Recapture 3 Districts From Taliban Control in Afghanistan, Many Insurgents Killed: Reports

Indians were held in a garage close to Kabul airport where their passports are being checked. However, they have now been released.

People tracking the developments in Kabul said there were no specific reports of any harm to Indians in Kabul so far.

Ahmadullah Waseq, a Taliban spokesman, has also dismissed the reports of abduction of Indians from Kabul airport.

There was no immediate official comment or reaction on the matter.

All the 150 people picked up by the Taliban are now on their way back to Kabul airport, reported local media outlet.

“Two sources confirmed to the information of the day that about 150 people, including Indian citizens, have been released and are on their way back to Kabul airport,” it tweeted.

Prior to this, local media outlets said 150 people– mostly Indians– were kidnapped by Taliban fighters from Kabul airport. “Multiple Afghan media outlets report kidnapping by Taliban of persons awaiting evacuation from Kabul. Among them are reported to be Indian citizens. No official confirmation of this, more details awaited,” news agency ANI had reported.

The development came hours after Indian Air Force C-130J transport aircraft took off from Kabul with over 85 Indians on board. “An Indian Air Force C-130J transport aircraft took off from Kabul with over 85 Indians. The aircraft landed in Tajikistan for refueling. Indian government officials are helping in the evacuation of Indian citizens on the ground in Kabul,” sources said.