Washington: United States President Donald Trump was on Wednesday night impeached by the US House of Representatives on charges of abuse of power as well as obstruction of Congress after a heated debate that left the floor polarised for nearly 10 hours. Also Read - Joe Biden Allows Trump-Era H-1B Visa Bans Expire; Indian IT Professionals To Benefit

With this, Trump becomes the third US President to be impeached by a 230 to 197 vote in the Democratic-majority chamber, as the articles of impeachment will now go to the Senate house for trial. Also Read - Donald Trump's 'Buddha Statues' Start Trending Online, Being Sold for Over Rs 44,000 on E-commerce Site

The 45th US President was acquitted over his illegal dealings with Ukraine to aid him in his campaign against political rivals for 2020 elections. Also Read - Joe Biden Administration 'Undecided' On Ending Trump-Era H-1B Visa Ban

Trump, if voted out by the Republican-majority chamber, would have to run for re-election with the mark of impeachment on his purposely disruptive presidency.

Remarkably, the debate on Donald Trump’s historic impeachment was opened by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said that he had given them “no choice” but to formally charge the President.

Trump “tried to cheat. He got caught. He confessed. And then he obstructed the investigation,” Democrat David Cicilline from northeastern state Rhode Island said during the House debate.

Notably, hours before the impeachment proceedings, Trump has launched a blistering attack in a six-page-long letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi along with the rest of the congressional Democrats, in an attempt to cease the “impeachment fantasy”.

The trial in Senate House is expected to begin in January, where a two-thirds majority needs to be acquired in order for the US President’s conviction. The Senate, which has a Republican majority unlike the lower house, will try its best to exonerate him and diverge the impeachment plans.