New Delhi: The House of Commons on Saturday voted to postpone the decision on Brexit from European Union, frustrating Prime Minister Boris Johnson‘s plans to leave the bloc by October 31.

With the conclusion to the rare ‘Super Saturday’ session of the United Kingdom Parliament, the first since 1982, lawmakers voted 322-306 in an attempt to withhold their approval from letting the UK crash out of the EU.

Johnson has, however, vowed that he will introduce legislation to implement Britain’s divorce deal in the UK Parliament next week.

Meanwhile, former Conservative MP Oliver Letwin justified his amendment against Brexit deal stating that it was to prevent the UK government from departing from the European Union by the end of this month as it posed a threat to waverers.

Loud cheers were heard at the People’s Vote rally in Parliament Square after the Letwin amendment was passed in the House of Commons.

At the same time, the Brexit battle spilled over the streets of London as thousands of pro-EU protestors gathered with banners, placards and flags to call for a second referendum.

Demanding a decision made after hearing all sides of the United Kingdom, including the divergent Nothern Ireland, the protestors chanted “What do we want? People’s vote! When do we want? Now.”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had on Thursday announced a revised Brexit deal on UK’s departure from the European Union, after a meeting with European leaders in Brussels.