New Delhi: Over two million people across California experienced mass blackout as a precautionary measure initiated by the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in view of the surging wildfires in the state, stated a report on Sunday. The power outage was initiated on Saturday after weather forecasts predicted extreme winds that could possibly cause new fires and more damage, reported the BBC.

Notably, the mass power outage is likely to affect an estimated two million people comprising 940,000 households and businesses across 36 countries in northern California, a report quoted the PG&E as saying. The blackout will remain in place till Monday, according to a report. The PG&E had warned about the mass blackout to its customers beforehand, citing forecasts of potential extreme weather. Notably, as per a report, the company had issued the warning after it faced scrutiny over its possible role in the fires.

While reports claim that the Kincade Fire in Northern California broke out minutes after a power line glitch, PG&E is yet to comment on the exact cause of the fire. In view of the Kincade fire, authorities ordered 90,000 people to evacuate from the towns in northern California, including the Sonoma County where the fires were reported to have already destroyed 25,455 acres of land.

Besides, thousands of firefighters have been deployed in California to contain the blaze. According to a report by BBC, at least 10 per cent of the Kincade fire was contained as of Saturday evening. Meanwhile, an emergency was declared in Los Angeles and Sonoma counties and a ‘red flag’ warning was issued by the National Weather Service for areas around the Kincade Fire.