Washington/London: Many countries including the US and the UK are rolling out more than one Coronavirus vaccine. In case you are wondering if the vaccines can be mixed and matched, this article is for you.Also Read - IMF Projects Global Economy To Grow At 4.4%, Cuts India's Economy Growth Forecast To 9% in FY 22

Health experts feel that a person should be administered the same doses of the Coronavirus vaccines. Talking to foreign news agency AP, officials said that vaccines are not interchangeable. Also Read - Haryana Schools Likely To Be Reopened Soon For These Classes | Check Details Here

However, in rare cases when officials don’t remember the shot given, health experts say it is OK to give whichever vaccine is available as the second dose. Since the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines focus on the spike protein that coats the coronavirus, they say a mismatched dose is better than partial protection, AP reported. But without any studies, vaccine doses should not be mixed, a vaccine expert at Johns Hopkins University told the portal. Also Read - All Must Remain Alert, Continue Precautions Against COVID: President Kovind in His Address to Nation

No study has been conducted on the safety and efficacy of mixing and matching Coronavirus vaccines so far. But if people get a different vaccine dose by mistake, then it should work fine. There is, however, no evidence supporting the same.

The US is giving two vaccines, one by Pfizer and another by Moderna. Two vaccines (one each by Pfizer and AstraZeneca) are being distributed in the UK too.