New Delhi: So far we knew sniffer dogs are used to detect bombs, drugs and any other suspicious activities. However, a new study found out that dogs may also be able to solve the biggest hurdle around the globe currently – symptoms of the deadly coronavirus infection. Also Read - Half of Indians May Have Had Coronavirus by February 2021, Says Govt Panel

It’s true, scientists in London may have just found a way to revolutionise the detection of COVID-19 cases with the help of our furry buddies. Also Read - 'Global Pandemic Made us Realise Importance of Technology, Teamwork': PM Modi at Grand Challenges Meet

A British charity called Medical Detection Dogs teamed up with researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Durham University has decided to utilise the keen sense of smell dogs have and train them to sniff the difference in odor of a COVID-19 infectant from that of a non-patient. Also Read - Marijuana Ingredient, CBD Helps Reduce Lung Damage From COVID-19, Here's How

It must be noted that trained canines are already capable of detecting medical conditions diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, malaria and even some cancers as each disease has a distinct odor. If dogs are able to detect the new virus, it could solve one of the biggest challenges especially of identifying asymptomatic cases.

Being a primarily respiratory disease, one of the researchers said, it must be easier to train dogs to detect coronavirus, and in principle, there is a “good chance” they could do so.

If the project is successful, dogs could be deployed at airports, railways, hospitals and other check points to sniff out the unidentifiable carrier from others, helping the world get back to ‘normalcy’ a little sooner.