New Delhi: The epicentre of the global pandemic, China on Wednesday started reporting its data on asymptomatic cases of the deadly coronavirus after a growing public concern that they may be infected with the virus without knowing. As many as 1,300 people who showed no symptoms tested positive for the disease. Also Read - Uma Bhart Tests Positive For COVID-19, Urges Contacts to Get Tested

At least 1,367 asymptomatic patients have been kept under medical observation, with 130 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. Also Read - With no Respite at India-China Border, Indian Army Gets Combat Ready For Long Winters in Ladakh

Although initial cases of coronavirus, that out poured from Wuhan city, were reported in December, data on asymptomatic cases was kept classified so as to contain the panic. However, the Chinese government has now ordered health authorities to turn their attention towards asymptomatic cases and release all available data on the same. Also Read - Women's Dreams Most Affected by The COVID-19 pandemic

China has lifted its lockdown that lasted for four long months and streets and markets are beginning to look normalised. Although the pandemic is far from over in the rest of the world, Beijing celebrated its victory over coronavirus despite having no vaccination insight as of now.

At the same time, more than nine lakh cases have been reported across the globe with at least 45,500 deaths.