Beijing, July 22: After the excavation of Jurassic site in Puan township of Yunyang county in the Municipality of Chongqing, scientists estimate it to be the biggest Jurassic fossil site in world. The ‘Dinosaur fossil wall’, incidentally found a year ago by a local farmer, is being excavated by a team of palaeontologists. They further claim that the 150-metre-long fossil wall, two metres deep and eight metres high, could reveal more secretive facts about the Jurassic age.

Given the extent of fossils recovered from the site, Scientists have so far found it was home to five species of Dinosaurs including ornithopods, sauropods and stegosaurus 160 million years ago.

A South China Morning Post quoted researcher Xu Xing of Chinese Academy of Sciences who believe the discovery may shed new light on the life of Jurassic age dinosaurs. He said these dinosaurs might have lived along river banks and died during natural disasters. As the rivers bearing their remains slowly merged into larger lakes, the bones gradually were preserved as fossils over millions of years.

As per Palaeontologists, they are expecting a new batch of fossils beneath 20 metres of ground. They are also exploring the aspects if the fossils recovered belong to new species of Dinosaurs. The province in past was known for such discoveries. To protect the site, the Chongqing government earmarked more than 17 million yuan (2.5 million U.S. dollars).

In 2003, a team of National Geographic found a new species of dinosaurs on the banks of Narmada river in Gujarat.