Beijing, July 13: Known for his active participation in Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo on Thursday died in a hospital Shenyang. Released a few days ago, Xiaobo was declared dead by the bureau of justice of Shenyang on its website. Born on December 28 1955, Xiaobo studied literature in China. After taking a doctorate, he taught in many universities in Europe but soon returned to China for pro-democracy work.Also Read - Chinese actions out of step with international norms, diminishes sovereignty of countries: Pentagon

In 1989, Xiaobo was sentenced to jail for two years in jail for his participation in Tiananmen Square protest. Later, he served three years in labour camp for criticising the one-party system in China. Xiaobo fought for more than twenty for more open and democratic China. He always emphasised the Chinese Administration was flouting the Article 35 of the Chinese Constitution which granted every Chinese citizen ‘Freedom of Speech’. Also Read - Wife of detained China rights lawyer blocked from his trial

Xiaobo fought relentlessly and co-authored a manifesto for gradual shifting of China’s political system to democracy. In 2008, Xiaobo was sentenced to eleven years of imprisonment for undermining the role of authorities. The Nobel Prize Committee in 2010 awarded him Nobel Peace Prize “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China”. Also Read - Detained China lawyer to stand trial on Boxing Day

In its statement,  Norwegian Nobel Committee denounced Chinese Government in denying the medical treatment to Xiaobo and said Chinese authorities bear the responsibility for it.

The statement read,The Committee is delighted to learn that Liu Xiaobo is out of prison at long last. At the same time the Committee strongly regrets that it took serious illness before Chinese authorities were willing to release him from jail. Liu Xiaobo has fought a relentless struggle in favour of democracy and human rights in China and has already paid a heavy price for his involvement. He was, essentially, convicted for exercising his freedom of speech and should never have been sentenced to jail in the first place. Chinese authorities carry a heavy responsibility if Liu Xiaobo, because of his imprisonment, has been denied necessary medical treatment.”