New Delhi/Wuhan: The Chinese government is “deliberately delaying the grant of clearance” for the Indian relief flight to Wuhan, the epicentre of the deadly Coronavirus, for delivering medical supplies and also to evacuate remaining Indians from there, sources on Saturday said. Also Read - German State Finance Minister Commits Suicide Amid Fears of Financial Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

China is known to have maintained that there has been no delay. However, the sources have asserted that “inexplicably” the clearance has not been given. Also Read - Coronavirus: Total Positive Cases Climb to 1024, Death Toll Reaches 27, State Borders Sealed | Top Points

Hitting out at the Chinese government over the same, the sources told news agency ANI, “There are relief and evacuation flights from other countries which are still going on, including by France. Why is the Chinese government delaying clearance for Indian relief flight? Are they not interested in Indian aid provided as our token of support?” Also Read - IPL 2020 Set to be Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Pandemic: Report

“It may be recalled that PM Modi wrote to Chinese President Xi Jinping conveying solidarity of people and government of India with people and Govt of China in meeting the challenge of coronavirus outbreak; and offered to provide whatever assistance possible to China,” they added.

India has already evacuated more than 600 nationals from the coronavirus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan, in its previous evacuation operation.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the death toll from Coronavirus stood at 2,233. Around 75,000 people were reported to be infected by the disease in China, and hundreds more in over 25 countries.