New Delhi: Casting doubt over China’s official figures of the coronavirus cases, US President Donald Trump said, “Their numbers seem to be a little bit on the light side.” However, he insisted that the relationship between the US and China is steady and the two presidents recently talked on the threats of the coronavirus to the world. Also Read - Bihar BJP Chief Tests Coronavirus Positive; Wife, Mother Infected Too

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“We really don’t know. How do we know whether they underreported or reported however they report,” he said. “But we had a great call the other night. We are working together on a lot of different things including trade. They’re buying a lot, they’re spending a lot of money. They’re giving it to our farmers,” the US President said.

China has reported 82,361 coronavirus cases, which is half of the US’s official figure.

The media in both the US and China are at loggerheads to find out the origin of the virus. While the US media often nickname the virus as Wuhan virus, Chinese media has fueled speculation that the virus was brought to Wuhan by US military athlete.

More than 900,000 cases of coronavirus have been officially detected worldwide since the pandemic emerged in China late last year, according to an AFP tally. At least 905,589 infections, including 45,719 deaths, have been recorded in 187 countries and territories globally, with 203,608 cases and 4,476 deaths in the United States where the pandemic is spreading rapidly.

Italy with 110,574 detected cases has the highest number of fatalities with 13,155 deaths. Spain has 102,136 cases including 9,053 deaths and China has 81,554 cases and 3,312 deaths.