New Delhi: Terrorist outfit Islamic State has issued an advisory for the terrorists in its newsletter al-Naba’ asking them to stay away from European countries, which were otherwise at the top of their targets. Also Read - Trending News Today, March 15, 2020: Hundreds of Hungry Monkeys Fight For Food in Thailand As Coronavirus Drastically Impacts Tourism | Watch

It said that such illnesses don’t strike by themselves but bu the command and decree of God. So, one must not lose trust in God. A healthy person should not enter the land of the epidemic and an afflicted person should not exit from it, the directive said, it said advising its men to cover the mouth while yawning and sneezing. It also asked them to wash hands before dipping them into vessels. Also Read - What India is Doing For People Stranded in Coronavirus-Hit Places

After China’s Wuhan, Europe became the hotbed of coronavirus infections. The virus has infected more than 150,000 people worldwide and killed over 5,600. Authorities around the world turned to increasingly drastic measures to try to slow the spread of the new coronavirus on Sunday, with lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions spreading.