New Delhi: Despite a drop in the number of the positive cases of coronavirus, it may turn into a chronic disease and exist in the world like an influenza, Chinese experts have warned adding that the virus could attack multiple organs, not only lungs. Explaining what it means, Chinese experts have said that while SARS is highly transmissive and pathogenic, it is more difficult to treat severe cases of coronavirus than SARS as coronavirus could harm multiple organs, People’s Daily China reported. In the case of SARS, since it has both strong transmissibility and pathogenicity, it’s hard to survive for the virus and continue to spread from person to person. So, it’s gone when the host is killed. But with coronavirus, this is not the case. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: ‘No Ban on Travel to or From China as of Now,’ Says MEA

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On Friday, the death toll rose to 2,233 after 115 more people died in Hubei. Around 75,000 people have been infected by the new coronavirus in China, and hundreds more in over 25 countries.

The Hubei health commission said there were 411 new cases of the virus in the province, with 319 in Wuhan and the rest spread out across several other cities. China has once again changed the method of counting patients with the novel coronavirus and will now include only those diagnosed by laboratory tests.

In India, all three patients have been discharged.

The World Health Organization has asked all member-states yo immediately report any new confirmed case of coronavirus along with the clinical, epidemiological and travel history within 48 hours.