New Delhi: The death toll from China’s coronavirus rose to 1,483 on Friday while the number of new infections fell. The central province’s health commission reported 116 more deaths and 4,823 new cases, the majority involving “clinically diagnosed” patients. Health officials in Hubei said they started to count clinically diagnosed cases to ensure that patients get treated as early as possible instead of having to wait for laboratory tests to confirm they have the COVID-19 disease. Also Read - Are People in Singapore Using Condoms to Stay Off Coronavirus? See Viral Posts

But the change raised concerns that the crisis may be more serious than Chinese authorities have reported. Also Read - Wuhan Was a Dead City When We Reached: Air India Captain Recalls 'Eerie Experience' of Rescue Mission

Amid fears of the outbreak of the disease, apprehension of government’s clampdown has caught on as several unverified videos alleging that patients are being “exterminated” in China are doing the rounds on social media. Two citizen journalists, Fang Bin and Chen Quishi, who were posting videos online, have also disappeared. Also Read - Wuhan Virus: Interactive Map Shows Global Novel Coronavirus Spread in Real-time

Fang Bin created a YouTube channel (YouTube is banned in China) to show the actual situation of the locked-down city. One of his videos, posted on February 1, created a stir as eight corpses were seen piled in a minibus outside a hospital in Wuhan.