New Delhi: As China continues to reel under coronavirus outbreak which has claimed lives of more than 600 people and infected around 30,000 people in Beijing, president Xi Jinping on Friday dialed his United States counterpart and emphasised that ‘they have spared no effort in fighting the epidemic’. Also Read - Coronavirus Threat: Death Toll Reaches 630, Over 28,000 Infected From Deadly Virus

According to state broadcaster CCTV, Xi assured Trump that China was ‘fully confident and capable of defeating the epidemic’ and ‘the long-term trend of country’s economic development for the better will not change’.

Besides, China hoped that the US will assess the epidemic in a calm manner, and adopt and adjust its response measures in a reasonable way, Xi said, adding that the two sides can maintain communication, strengthen coordination and work together to contain the epidemic.

Xi’s comments come hours after US confirmed its 12th coronavirus case. The 12th case in the US comes from Wisconsin. The patient is a woman who travelled to Beijing and “interacted with family members who had coronavirus”, Nancy Messonnier, Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters yesterday

Meanwhile, the death toll from the deadly coronavirus reached 630 in earlier in the day.

Yesterday, a Chinese doctor, who first warned the medical staff of coronavirus, died of the epidemic. The Chinese doctor Li Wenliang was one of the eight whistle-blowers who had first warned other health officials of the coronavirus outbreak. The 34-year-old doctor had first reported about the virus in December last year when it broke out in Wuhan.