New Delhi: “A safe and effective vaccine may be the only tool that can return the world to a sense of ‘normalcy’,” said the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday. Also Read - Indian Railways Latest News: 1310 Special Trains Will Originate & Terminate in South Central Railway Zone During Festivals

A vaccine may be the only tool that can return the world back to normalcy, saving “millions of lives and countless trillions of dollars” across countries, Guterres said during a video conference with 50 African nations under the UN, hoping that a cure is found before the end of the year. Also Read - Corona Vaccine Latest News: Govt Readies Database to Vaccinate Health Workers First, States/UTs to Provide Details by Next Friday

Calling for an accelerated development of the vaccine, UN chief Guterres said that it should be of a “universal global benefit”, accessible to all that will allow humans to contain the pandemic. Also Read - COVID-19 Positive Para-Archer Ankit Discharged From Hospital, to Remain in Isolation

“We need an ambitious effort to ensure that international stakeholders operate through a harmonized, integrated and leveraged approach to maximize the speed and scale needed for the universal deployment of such a vaccine by the end of 2020,” he said, as quoted by AFP.

Numerous theories and researches have already stated that coronavirus may not be eliminated in a single round of lockdown and that it might become a seasonal affair, with a higher rate of transmission in the colder months.

A recent Harvard study even suggested that repeated measures for social distancing, the most crucial preventive measure, may be required till 2022 to battle out coronavirus.

Notably, more than 134,600 people across the globe have died from COVID-19 infection so far, while the number of confirmed infections has topped 2,017,939. The United States is the worst-hit country with the highest one-day toll record of nearly 2,600 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours.