New Delhi: In the wake of the rising cases of coronavirus in the country, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday declared a state of emergency, especially in Tokyo and other large cities. Also Read - Veteran Japanese Comedian Ken Shimura Dies After Being Hospitalized For Coronavirus

The development comes as the pressure had been mounting on him to make the declaration amid a spurt in COVID-19 cases recently. Also Read - Coronavirus Pandemic: Tokyo Olympic Would Not be Cancelled; Games Will be Held by The Summer of 2021, Says PM's Office of Japan

As per updates, the Tokyo metropolitan government along with healthcare specialists announced that the number of hospital beds available for coronavirus patients will soon reach capacity with the health ministry rapidly trying to secure more beds. Also Read - Despite 42 Covid-19 Deaths in the Country, Japanese Defy Social Distancing to Admire Cherry Blossoms

The announcement of state of emergency will make the government bolster its preventive and countermeasures to the spread of the virus. The development comes after a panel of government experts warned that the country’s healthcare system could collapse if coronavirus cases continue to spike.

As of Sunday, 143 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Tokyo, a record daily high for the capital, that brought the total to 1,034, with Japan’s health ministry and local governments adding that nationwide cases rose to 3,531 as of Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the government has announced to roll out an emergency economic package worth 108 trillion yen or $1 trillion to protect its economy from the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The plan of the government is expected to be decided on Tuesday after being approved by the parties.

The package includes securing enough of the anti-flu drug Avigan by the end of next March to treat 2 million people. There is some evidence the drug can help cure COVID-19.