Amid a worldwide race to produce an effective coronavirus vaccine, a Chinese pharmaceutical company on Thursday said the Covid-19 vaccine it is developing should be ready by early 2021 for distribution worldwide, including the United States.Also Read - Sputnik V: World's First COVID-19 Vaccine Now Available to Public in Russia, Claim Reports

Yin Weidong, the CEO of SinoVac, said in a statement that CoronaVac was on pace to complete its third and final round of human testing. If the tests are successful, the company will apply to the US Food and Drug Administration to sell it in America.

Yin also claimed that he, personally, had been administered the vaccine.

“At the very beginning, our strategy was designed for China and for Wuhan. Soon after that in June and July, we adjusted our strategy, that is to face the world,” Yin said, referring to the Chinese city where the virus first emerged.

“Our goal is to provide the vaccine to the world including the U.S., EU and others,” Yin said.

Notably, stringent regulations in the US, EU, Japan and Australia have historically blocked the sale of Chinese vaccines but in the face of a pandemic, that could change.

Meanwhile, the first batch of Russia’s coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V has entered “civil circulation”, reports from state media claimed on Thursday. The first potential vaccine in the world is now available to the public in the capital city of Moscow.