New Delhi: A new dermatology report may have discovered the latest indication of coronavirus infection – purple-blue, swollen toes, that look like the person has frostbites or pernio. Also Read - Will CBSE Promote Class 12 Students by Implementing Class 10 Assessment Plan? Final Decision On THIS Date

Gaining popular momentum as ‘COVID Toes’, this symptom typically appears when a person gets infected by the deadly virus, dermatologists in America and Europe said. These frostbite-like signs may appear even if the person is otherwise asymptomatic. Also Read - 14-Day Lockdown Begins in Karnataka. Strict Restrictions on Public Movement Till May 24 | Here's What You Should Know

The symptom was first reported by some dermatologists in Italy who spotted inflammation on toes and feet of coronavirus patients, along with discolouration of their organ. Also Read - Meera Chopra Blames Lack of Medical Infrastructure And Not Covid-19 For Her Cousins Death

While the correlation of the frsotbite-like inflammation with the COVID-19 infection is still a hot debate on social media platforms, the symptom is most likely to be found in younger kids who get infected by the deadly virus.

The COVID Toes are disproportionately present in children and teenagers, who may otherwise test negative at the early stage of the infection, a Forbes report stated. In most cases, they are painful to touch and may even have a burning sensation.

As a result, although the inflammation may appear atypical at first, it may eventually evolve into one of the key indicators of COVID-19. So, if one spots such signs on their body, it is suggested to self-isolate themselves, head to the nearest hospital and get tested for coronavirus.