Beijing, April 19: ‘Dangerous Love’- it’s not the title of a vampire novel, or perhaps a Mills and Boons story. It is actually the title of a 16-panel comic book like poster, which is making appearance on local governments’ public bulletin boards in China. The poster narrates the story of a young and attractive Chinese civil servant named Xiao Li, or Little Li. It traces Li’s story as she falls in love with a handsome foreigner, who turns out to be a spy!

This is how the Chinese government is warning women against dating foreign nationals, who might have ‘secret agendas’said a report by Associated Press. The poster shows how Li meets a red headed man named David, who becomes close to her, through compliments on her beauty and by giving her flowers and taking her out on fancy dinners. David, who is posing as a visiting scholar, is actually a foreign spy. As it turns out, in the end, he convinces Li to share secret internal documents with him, and the duo get arrested. Also Read: China: 3 arrested over killing of British teacher in southern China

One of the final panels of the poster show Li sitting handcuffed before two policemen, who tell her that she has a “shallow understanding of secrecy for a state employee.” The poster is a part of the country’s National Security Education Day. According to the AP report, a statement by the Beijing district government that the poster is being displayed to educate government employees about the need to keep classified documents confidential and beware of any spying activity.

The statement said that it was a tactic to build anti-espionage skills in the employees. The Secuirty Day was organized last Friday, and people were educated about the need for secrecy, through speeches, posters and such.