New Delhi, July 13: Three weeks after David Cameron announced that he will step down as leader of Conservative party and the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, he tendered his formal resignation to the Queen in Buckingham Palace. Before leaving the Prime Minister’s residence – 10 Downing Street – for the last time, Cameron addressed the press for the last time as the country’s head of government.

In his farewell address, he paid a tribute to his family and his team of adviser at 10, Downing Street. “I want to thank everyone who has given so much support to me personally over these years,” he said. “I want to thank my children… for whom Downing Street has been a lovely home.” He also thanked his wife Samantha for her support.

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Cameron also spoke about the achievements of his government and the legacy that he will leave behind. “It’s not been an easy journey and of course we’ve not got every decision right, but I do believe that today our country is much stronger,” he said.

Following the speech, Cameron and his family left for the palace where he offered the Queen his resignation. The Buckingham Palace issued an official statement saying that the Queen “graciously accepted” the resignation. The next few minutes, from Cameron resignation to Theresa May’s  acceptance, Britain was without a Prime Minister.