London, July 11:Major upheavals in United Kingdom politics continues as one of the prime contenders in the race for next Prime Minister – Andrea Leadsom stepped out of the competition, leaving Theresa May as the only contender for the next leader of Conservative Party. The 59-year-old politician will replace David Cameron, who has announced that he would resign on July 13.

May has served as the Home Secretary under the Cameron government. She was appointed for the job in 2010. She is known as one of the leading voices within the Conservative Party, and is expected to put up a strong defence against the Opposition being led by Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.

May was staunchly against the Brexit, and was part of the campaign to stay in the European Union. However, following the Brexit, she asserted that the will of people of UK needs to be respected.

The polity in Britain turned slightly unstable after the referendum was conducted on June 23, on whether Britain should remain in EU or make an exit. Brexit turned into a reality after it was found that 52 per cent of the population voted in favour of leaving the EU.

Following the results of referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron, who was heading the stay campaign, announced his decision to quit, saying that a new leadership is required for the nation.