New Delhi: Nearly 24 hours after Iran fired ballistic missiles at US military bases in Iraq, two rockets crashed into Iraq capital Baghdad’s Green Zone late of Wednesday. The Green Zone is a high-security area which houses several embassies, including that of the United States. Also Read - US-Iran Conflict: 'Iran Will Not be Allowed to Have Nuclear Weapon,' Trump Warns of Harsher Sanctions

There has been no casualty. The fire siren in the US Embassy went off and the rockets landed in the vicinity. Also Read - Military Action Not Enough: Watch Iran Supreme Leader's Address After Iran Fired Missiles on US Military Base

Videos and photos of the rockets are doing the rounds on social media. Also Read - Iran Versus USA: Claims, Counter-Claims, Airspace Mayhem | All we Know so Far

The rockets used for the attempted attack were Katyusha rockets used by the militia. In military parlance, it’s nicknamed as ‘Stalin’s Organ’. On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said that the US was ready to embrace peace. He also urged Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

“At my direction, the United States military eliminated the world’s top terrorist Qassem Soleimani. He trained terrorist armies like the Hezbollah, launching terror strikes against civilian targets…he fueled bloody wars all across the region. Soleimani directed the recent attacks on US personnel in Iraq, he orchestrated the violent attack on the US embassy in Baghdad…but we stopped him,” the US President said. The US President also hinted at harsher sanctions on Iran.