Dhaka, July 11: A jealous husband, Rafiqul Islam, 30, blindfolded his wife, Hawa Akhter, 21, and chopped off her fingers as she began studying for a degree without his permission. When Rafiqul blindfolded his wife, he taped her mouth and told her he has a surprise for her. The husband made her hold out her hand and cut of all five fingers, said a Dailymail report. Her fingers were thrown in the dustbin by one of his relatives so that doctors could not find to reattach them.

A migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates, Rafiqul Islam, reportedly warned his wife that if she won’t give up on her studies, she would face ‘severe consequences’. “After he came back to Bangladesh, he wanted to have a discussion with me. Suddenly, he blindfolded me and tied my hand. He also taped my mouth saying that he would give me some surprise gifts. But, instead, he cut off my fingers,” Akhter told The Times.

The Bangladesh police chief, Mohammed Saluddin, informed that Akhtar’s husband confessed to the crime after he was arrested in Bangladesh capital Dhaka. Rafiqul will face charges of permanent disfiguration. The Human Rights groups are demanding life imprisonment for him. “He was enraged. He was jealous because while he only had a grade eight standard education, she was off to college to pursue higher studies,” said Saluddin.

Akhtar is currently staying with her parents. She is learning to write with her left hand and wants to resume her studies. This is another attack targeting educated women in Bangladesh. In June, an unemployed man gouged out the eyes of his wife. She was an assistant professor at Dhaka University. He did this apparently because he could not stand her pursuing higher studies at a Canadian University.