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  • 2:42 PM IST

    The United States will stop holding military exercises on the Korean peninsula, after today’s meeting: US President Donald Trump in Singapore

  • 2:21 PM IST

    I think this meeting was good for the United States as it was for North Korea. Only a person who hates Donald Trump would say that I have agreed to make a big commitment. Yes, it was a big commitment to meet Kim. But, it was good for us: US President Donald Trump

  • 2:06 PM IST

    Kim told me that we have never gone so far. He said that he never had the confidence in any of the previous Presidents in getting things done. He wanted to do this, even more than me: US President Donald Trump on meeting the North Korean leader.

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    We signed a very comprehensive document today and I think when he (Kim Jong Un) lands in North Korea he will start the process soon: US President Donald Trump in Singapore

  • 1:56 PM IST

    We are prepared for the new history. We are ready to write new chapters. The past does not to have define future: US President Donald Trump after meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

  • 12:06 PM IST

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un committed to ‘complete denuclearisation’ of Korean Peninsula in a document signed by US President Donald Trump and him, reported AFP.

  • 11:28 AM IST

    “We’ll meet again & we’ll met many times,” says US President Donald Trump, when asked if he & North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will meet again in the future.

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  • 11:20 AM IST

    We have decided to let go the past & now the world will see a major change: Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader after signing ‘comprehensive document’ with US President Donald Trump at Singapore Summit

Singapore, Jun 12: US President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in an unprecedented summit at Changi in Singapore. The two world leaders were engaged in a one-on-one meeting for about 40 minutes only with their translators at their sides, before bilateral talks. This was the first time a US President will meet any Pyongyang leader.

Ahead of the meeting, scheduled at 9 am, Donald Trump said the meeting could “work out nicely”, with the White House declaring that nuclear talks with North Korea have moved “more quickly than expected”. The summit, which was almost scrapped by a mercurial Trump last month, comes after a flurry of diplomatic activities and barrage of invective and insults traded between the US President and an equally aggressive Kim.

The summit began with a handshake between Trump and Kim. Trump will leave Singapore this evening. In Singapore, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that the US is aiming for a comprehensive, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization on the Korean peninsula. Some experts have described the upcoming meeting as “symbolic”. The North has vowed to completely denuclearize the Korean peninsula and already razed its nuclear site.

While the US seeks to exact complete denuclearization from North Korea, Kim fears giving up all nukes may invite invasion by the US. Both North Korea and the US are decades old arch-enemies. It all began in 1950 when the North invaded South Korea, an event which was followed by three-year war.